Princess Cruise Mar 2010 to Carib, entry 2


Fort Lauderdale to Eastern Caribbean Cruise, day two 7 Mar 2010

I am not really sure if it is day two or still day one? It is the next morning after we left Seattle. All has been going like clockwork. Great connections, no rush, not late, Starbucks tea to whet the whistle. A few laughs, indeed. And I am afraid, no sleep.

We were greeted by folks in navy blazers with Princess signs. Two of the Princess greeters knew us by name … they say it was the cowboy hats that gave us away <grin>. Truly feel special. And isn’t that what it is all about? Met some folks en route through various airports who are also on this trek. Some sailing with NCL, some with Carnival. We are trying out the life of a Princess. So far, it is a step above and a really nice greeting.

I could see the ship from the air, as we landed. I know it is not very far. So now we are just waiting for the shuttle. Feeling a bit weary from the travel however, spirits are high – especially when I saw the luggage come off the carousel.

People are fun and happy and so many on vacation. It is a great thing.

Several gay men came looking for their cruise (Celebrity) and have to get to Miami. I guess it is not that far from Fort Lauderdale … or maybe all meshed up together.

I have no book to read and am open to the scents and sounds of the Caribbean.

Later …..

Love P

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