Princess Caribbean Cruise March 2010

Last day at sea Caribbean cruise with Princess Emerald, 13 Mar 2010

Cari is learning to pronounce “Dos Equis” (her new second favorite beer — her other new fave is Carib beer ) OK well maybe she has a few faves … Fosters in a big can was a hit as well!! When was that?? Princess Cays, days ago, on a private island beach …. wow!! The week has zipped by.

Dos Equis was a beer in our complimentary mini bar in the room, as well as the name on the free t-shirt she scored at the bar, a gift for her man!!

Another word we are practicing is Caracoa …. (Kare -a – sow) the name of an exotic Caribbean island for future adventure … we did not get there this cruise.

Turns out there are many many places to cruise and we have really only just begun.

Highlights of this particular cruise have to include the following:

– crème brulee every night for dinner … oooops, I mean dessert

– complimentary mini bar with cute little bottles of vodka and gin for our pleasure

– unlimited laundry and dry cleaning which we took full advantage of – in fact, delayed my packing while waiting for my last load to be returned. I had no idea my clothes could look like that!!

– I had my boots shone .. but that was just a day in the life of a princess!

– Shopping for flip flop accessories …. actually, more like necessities

– sandy beaches, emerald green warm ocean water, people watching,

– we met so many friendly and kind people … wow!! not even one dud. It was amazing.

– Are all Princess passengers wonderful or do only wonderful people cruise with Princess?

– Movies under the Stars …. not just under the stars but all day long, you can lay out in the hot sun, enjoy a dip in the pool, eat french fries and pizza galore, all without missing a favorite movie scene

– did I mention food? Wow! Great food selection, preparation and tastiness

– we had a great ocean view stateroom with a view of the life boat / tender but can see out the side of the tender, out into the ocean …. the sun shining in, the waves, the ocean dancing

– Our stateroom also had great lotion and hair products and our room steward was pretty good about keeping our room organized.

– We had internet and I used my travel lap top to check on emails and write for the blog.

– The International Buffet and Sushi and tapas bars are amazing and free!

– We really enjoyed stopping in for yet more food, a little desert and more people watching in the atrium

– Cari used the gym and did the walk for the cure for breast cancer .. I forgot my running shoes

– We had the room steward add a mattress topper to our beds, for an even more comfy sleep

– chocolates with turn down service.

– Great entertainment, even a country dance!

– We did some shopping, beach and tour excursions with independent tour folks on St Maarten / St Martin and St Thomas. Very fine ports of call and we agree we love St Martin and would like to return there.

– Listening and singing along “don’t worry about a thing – every little thing is gonna be alright now “

– Our table mates at dinner were 3 very nice and fine couples. We had hugs and email address exchange at our last night – hoping to all cruise together again … maybe Alaska?

– Cari did some diving in Grand Turks…. sea turtles, a shark … only the tip of the diving iceburg

– We both purchased plush green sea turtles to take home as gifts, Thomas and Thomas  (mine is for my future grandson Luke or Jake??)

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