Sunrise on Santorini

It is the last full day of the cruise and we are parked out front of the island of Santorini, Greece.  Wow!  Spectacular to look up to see the contrast between the rugged old volcano vegetation and rock with the sharp white buildings on top of the caldera.  I know there is bright ‘Santorini’ blue domes but with this early morning light I can only see white on the black and dark green.  It is a magnificent, unique, spectacular, popular and iconic.  The reason people travel far and wide to Greece to see this sight.

We get to lay in bed with the balcony door open for the sound of the water and birds …. And we see the sights as we sail into this port of call, the last one we will explore from the ship.

Today we will go up on deck for a walk around the sports track – perhaps Mary will run?  And I will walk and recite some gratitude for this vacation and safe travels with great friends having adventurous experiences.  It is remarkable really and I am so very fortunate.

Then after we go ashore for walking and picture taking, maybe a stop or two …. Then back to the ship to clean up, do some packing (how do I get all my stuff back into these little bags?).

We have a group cocktail party this Early evening followed by Privee (private dining venue on board the ship with special menus.  


One comment on “Sunrise on Santorini

  1. gailgrant49 says:

    Hi GF,


    div>MARVELLOUS!  Where do you disembark?  Not Santorini?


    div>Did I see th

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