Cooking in Greece!

Yesterday morning, up early for a walk on deck.  It was raining hard and big puddles formed on the sports track.  Mary literally ran circles around me, I walked fast and splashed where the water was deep.  It was enjoyable and I had planned to put warm clothes on before heading to Argostoli Greece.  This was our first stop since Malta with many plans for the day.

We walked off the ship after breakfast after gathering with our Marina chef and the group of 12.  We met with a local guide who walked with us to bakeries, grocery type stores and markets.  Each of us had an item …. Like a scavenger hunt …. With money provided from the chef and a grocery bag.  Mary and I were to get Kalamata olives, other people feta cheese, grape leaves, rose water, bread, honey.  We met and had a fabulous lunch by the water in a cafe. The food was tasty and plentiful.  We had wine and some had beer. Walked back to the ship, met in the culinary centre and prepared tzatziki, salad and another dip. We drank wine, ouzo and then deserts of local Greek fare.

Dinner in Red Ginger specialty restaurant with our group was fabulous.  Some said the best food ever (sea bass). Eileen and I went dancing in horizons till midnight.  So fun.

Today we had a slow morning with time for breakfast before catching shuttle bus to old town Chania on Crete.  We walked about four hours including shopping (Xamam).  Back on the ship, we got ready for Greek food night in the buffet on 12 th floor.  Tired and ready for bed.  Tomorrow Santorini.  

Pamella of Greece

Pictures to follow, or check Facebook for updates


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