Cherbourg France 5 June 2019

Bonjour my friends and family followers,

We arrived in Cherbourg France this morning at 8 am local time. I was still sound asleep. Still feeling a bit jet lagged and tired at times ….

I have no excursions throughout this cruise. Today a lot of guests are attending to the D-Day landing sites of Normandy or Juno beach excursions, so the ship is fairly quiet.

This port seems like a city, with an old town area near the waterfront. Shuttles provided by Azamara. I am in need of a suitcase as mine was smashed on the flight to Barcelona. I had hoped to get another Italian made bag, Carpisa, however have not found any of that quality as yet.

The shuttle, I was advised, takes and picks up at a mall with a Carrefour super Mercado. I am able to locate a great suitcase, same color as mine and larger so that all my items will fit in. I have not purchased anything else yet and don’t intend to either. The shuttle brought me back to the ship with the new suitcase and now I can relax that item is off my to-do list. Suitcase was on sale, although I did not know that, and no tax in France. (In Spain and perhaps Portugal the tax is 21% on all purchases made in those countries.) I am relieved and pleased that my shopping is complete.

After a little rest we will head out to walk the old town. We can walk safely from the ship, maybe a ten minute walk and it looks like there is a pedestrian bridge to try also :).

Le Pont Tournant crosses over the Bassin du Commerce. There is a large nautical museum including submarines and aquarium, located next to the cruise terminal. Railway station 2 kilometers from the cruise terminal, almost three hours train ride to Paris.

There is Tourism Information booth at the terminal, and Seabourn has a ship in port also. We are docked at the Quay de France. A person can rent electric bike here for 20 Euro per day. Not my choice, walking is my plan. Many pedestrian only narrow streets tucked in behind the waterfront. There is also a small tourist train for 5 Euro departing every 15 minutes. For those who need a rest from walking and still want to see the port, this is a welcome activity.

Bayeux is apparently a charming well preserved old town, Renaissance and medieval buildings, cobbled streets and beautiful surroundings. Famed Bayeux Tapestry can be found there.

This port is an important military and fishing area, although there is also a very large marina. Apparently this is an artificial harbor, the largest in the world, they say. The coastline of Normandy boasts plenty of sandy beaches, like we saw yesterday, and in this area, dramatic cliffs.

Looking forward to a stroll in the old city later this afternoon. Mary and I are working on a monochrome jigsaw puzzle of Venice up in the Living Room (10th floor). On Oceania this is called Horizons, and there is wifi, games, dancing, and great scenic views can be seen from the windows on this deck.

Tomorrow is Honfleur France for the day, with plenty of excursions related to Claude Monet and his artistic life and home. This area referred to as “quintessential French seaside town.” Sounds relaxing and beautiful. White Night celebration on board that night.

Stay tuned for more of this picturesque and beautiful cruise.

Love Pamela

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