Saint Malo France, 4 June 2019

It was a laid back day, slow start and plans altered.

With the tendering process commencing at 1 pm, everyone of the guests was a priority over us :). The suite guests can disembark whenever they want; the guests signed up for tours with Azamara were next priority. Next priority to the guests who had pre-arranged private tours on land. Last, was our group, flying by the seat of our pants, hoping for a taxi to take us around.

By the time we got out of the tender boat, there were no taxis and no tourist options for us to grab hold of. We opted to walk inside the walled city of St. Malo and I am so pleased we did. Relaxed, one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen on this trip or any other. Beaches, greenery, clean, contained, cobblestone walk ways, steeples, window boxes, shutters, roof-tops and look-outs. Easy walking, no maps required. Several hours of photos, walking, smiling and enjoying the ease of the day. Not hot, not cold, no rain and fluffy white clouds allowing sparkle of sunshine on the water, and streams of sun beams through to the village.

Young school-aged students with matching yellow ball hats so their adult supervisors could keep track, speaking french and climbing over rocks and taking turns at look-out view points. Few tour groups were overheard, speaking french also. Many alleyways we were the only pedestrians and photos reflected the stone archways and architecture of this beautiful walled city.

I was hoping for ease and easy world, on this trip …. today I received and even had time to meditate some in the waiting queue and then in the little tender boat for 15 minutes or more at a time.

I had received a few emails from my work clients and passed on the information to the manager who is tending to my caseload in my absence.

Sending hugs and best wishes to my mom, daughters, husband and friends who are following along. Wish you were here to enjoy this day. I think of you all often ….

Take good care and stay in touch.

Love Pamela

Ps. Tomorrow, Wednesday 5 June 2019 is Cherbourg old town. Fishing port, monestary, 35,000 residents, private yachts. Cool day expected 17 degrees. Shuttle bus every 30 minutes from 9 am or 10 minute walk from pier. We will be in port 8 am to 8 pm. French cuisine for our dining pleasure and 10 pm we will support our friends as they enter Karaoke contest :).

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