Bermuda, sailing 

Up early and sailing along coast of Bermuda from Hamilton to St George’s. The sight of the pastel coloured homes, white roofs, surrounded by dense greenery. It is unique and beautiful. 
This cruise has been special as I am travelling with family and friends, and visiting eastern North America ports. It feels different than Europe and other parts of the world where I have travelled.  
Relaxing with some sea days and not too focused on the excursions. We did take a tour around the South Island of Bermuda yesterday morning. We learned a lot about the island and its people. Many of the sights I had seen before, now the stories. The weather was on and off again rain with cloudy periods, although we did not get rained on when we were out of the vehicle … phew.
Today we are sailing this morning to another port of call on still Bermuda. No tours, we plan to wander and maybe find a beach for a swim. 
Not many days left on the cruise, tonight and then sea day tomorrow and overnight, ending in New York City. Six of us are staying on for some time in NYC before returning home on the long weekend.
It is peaceful and beautiful out today. Thanks for joining the blog and following along.

One comment on “Bermuda, sailing 

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you Pamela for sharing your travels with us. Would have loved
    to have been with you but at least this way I get to hear how beautiful it is.

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