Bermuda Day 1

Bermuda, a contrast from what we expect.
There are famous beautiful pink sand beaches on the island of Bermuda. Sand never gets hot. Because limestone base. Water same temp as air. Bermudians don’t go to beach. We saw housing empty, locals prefer to live on the marina side of the island.  
The lower income levels in Bermuda make Up to $70,000 per year income, and their rent is subsidized 25%.
The next income level to $120,000 receive Govt housing mortgage. Upward of that for income purchase their own homes. Housing starts at 1.1 million for mortgage. 
Colour of the paint on the house matters. Yellow means party, welcome. Pink or purple, same sex marriage support, and white colonial with tea service at 4 pm. Green for environmental. Orange, combination oriental and colonialism. Although not always true, generally it is Understood. Blue are folks who are connected to the sea.
We stop to view the Beautiful fairmont golf course. And the famous Gibbs lighthouse. We see beaches, homes and a few residential areas.  
The income of the island is represented by 15% tourism. Rest is trademarks and re-insurance. 
After the tour we went walking. It is a Sunday and most everything is closed until tomorrow. Tomorrow we will dock at St George’s.  
Maybe some beach time ….

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