Cliff walk and total eclipse of the sun

Newport Rhode Island, 
In my research I found a great Cliff Walk as a highlight of Newport. That and the amazing mansions that dot the coastline along the 3.5 mile Cliff Walk.  
We met for a wee breakfast and then grabbed a local city bus to the far end of the Cliff Walk. Little did we research or know what we were getting in to. The far end was the rough and wild end. No flat surfaces, walking over treacherous cliffs. The vistas were spectacular and lovely … and we were worn out! We started as 7, then 5, then one left and 4 of us walked and hiked and rested and did more. Breathtaking views.  
Unique shops, friendly people. Very clean town and delightful to wander aimlessly. Great artisan displays. Sea birds and salty sea air were enjoyed very much.
One of the highlights was the eclipse of the sun. Last one 99 years ago. Today as we walked through town a cluster of people were sharing the official glasses for viewing the eclipse. We were offered to take a look and we were thrilled. It was memorable and spectacular.
Dining tonight in Polo Grill after the Captains cocktail party. 11 of us met and toasted to our good health. The ship is moving and the sky is beautiful and lit up by a few starts way off in the distance.  
We will meet again for tomorrow in Boston! Perhaps a hop on bus and some walking will be how the day goes for us.
Stay tuned ..

One comment on “Cliff walk and total eclipse of the sun

  1. Colleen Shanks says:

    sounds like a wonderful trip –

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