Entering Newport, Rhode Island

Rugged sea coast, isolated lighthouses, huge mansions, sailboats, water water water … the view from the walk around the track this morning at 630 a.m. Up early and I watched the sunrise. Now it fills the day with fresh sunlight sparkling off the water and windows, leaving beacons and spots of yellow gold.
Today we tender in to port. We will seek out the Information booth in town and find the Cliff Walk. After that, a wander through the town to take in the culture of this sea port city.  
I can see as we sail in to the harbour that this is a home for many sailboats and yachts. Not unlike the east coast of Nova Scotia that I know and love, similar green spaces and tall groves of trees, dotted with bright coloured cabins, well manicured homes and massive estates.
What looks like a prison or old fort walls can be seen as our ship takes its place in the harbour. Many sail boats, motor vessels and fishing boats are already out this morning, greeting this fabulous sea coast weather, blue sky and calm seas with a bright yellow ball sharing heat and illumination without distraction.

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