Post two: intentions

Post two: cheers to the FREE stuff!  
On the flight, domestic flight to Toronto. The woman steward has our names on a list. A special list. We can have free food, free wine … now or later. Options are endless!
She recommends Chocolate banana granola minis .. gluten free, vegetarian, organic. Oh my …..
Shelly gets a sandwich, and we settle for tomato juice at this time. Ha ha, 7 am in the air seems a bit early for wine just yet. Lol. Well, it must be five o’clock somewhere? There will be wine opportunities aplenty on this two week adventure to ancient vineyards in Europe. 

Daily Intentions for exquisite travel memories:
Dancing and singling, laughs and giggles, great friends – cheers!

Tastes and smells to recall delectable details described every evening

Speaking to the locals, using Italian phrases .. ti amo, piacere

Being inspired by and inspirational to international women

Effortless ease, go with the flow, no resistance

Beaches, ocean, hot tubs and pools

Luxurious living, receiving abundance

Out of my comfort zone, extraordinary, a little wild side

Do anonymous acts of kindness and generosity for others to feel special 

Capture ah-ha moments

Stay in the moment, a little bit longer

We are all beautifully photogenic

Lobster and prosecco, the great foods 

Skylines and vistas that take my breath away

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  1. Renee says:

    Sounds wonderful

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