Palma de Majorca and more

A beautiful peaceful friendly day. At the port of Palma de Mallorca we had a pre booked excursion to Soller (pronounced soll-yer). We sailed all morning in the beautiful sunshine arriving around noon in the last port of call on the cruise.  
The previous few days the seas were choppy, we missed stopping at our port of call in Saint Tropez. We had a sea day. Then Marseille, PROVENCE France yesterday. We wandered, walked, stopped for local lunch and listened to foreign languages being spoken. Our only stop in France as it turned out this cruise.
But today…. ahhhhh, the best stop. I love Palma and was here a few days last year on Azamara cruise with Azamazing evening at the Cathedral. This time I selected this excursion across the island and over a mountain range to another coast of this small island to this lovely little village, Soller. And we will take the famous train back to Palma. Hopefully to find a few treasures to take home to my daughters and mom …. ending the two week Mediterranean cruise.
Dining tonight with some of the fabulous women of the travel club I need to return to the ship and then packing later for early departure in the morning.  
It has been challenging trying to spend time with all the many wonderful women and couples who came along this trip. Some are staying on for extending their trip to Barcelona and some even to Paris.  
After the old time rail on board the Soller train ride back to Palma, we had a quick shop through the Majorca Pearl section.  
This is the eve before a major marathon run in Palma and the streets are alive with runners, their families and celebrations. Balloons, loud speakers, street foods and drinks, cameras at the ready, practice rums and prizes for the very young participants.  
The sun is still warm, the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea is light and welcome. Sail boats with white flags dotting the clear blue sea. Palm trees waving and glistening in the suns rays. Beautiful marina. The majestic and famous cathedral in the back drop. Last year I was here for an Azamazing evening and an overnight in is magical place. I remember the beach, the warm sun, the cathedral lit up for our event, the magic of Palma. I feel so fortunate to find myself here once again. One of my favorite destinations. Today made it more so.  

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