Palma de Mallorca Spain

DAY TWO in Palma de Mallorca
Palma awaits year round, the tourists and cruise ships … as well as local European travellers. With lovely temperatures averaging almost 18 degrees, this island offers exceptional climate. The port and marina is huge and filled with fabulous yachts and countless sailboats as well as thousands of smaller motor boats.  
Many civilizations have contributed to the culture here, Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Muslims and Christians. Unique architecture can be seen as one walks through the lovely cared for and clean capital city.  
 Although a hop on style bus is offered by the city, we likely won’t make that choice today. There are apparently fabulous beaches and interesting things to see on the island and a hired taxi split for the four of us might be the best offering for a few hours this afternoon.  
The guests of Azamara Journey have been offered a shopping experience at an outlet fair. El Pueblo Espanol de Palma de Mallorca. More than 100 participating companies from various fields will be selling surplus products at bargain prices.  
Guests will be shuttled from the ship pier to the outlet market, and we follow a specific route with discounts and offers made to entice us to leave some Euros here 🙂  
For two hours this will take place and then at 1230 we will be shuttled back to the drop off point.  
Depending what I find, I might go back to pick up something from the Mallorca Pearl shops in town. Shopping in a city is like exploring its culture – what do people offer and what do people purchase? I found the prices of pearls yesterday to be somewhat less than I had expected to pay.  

The shuttle to the market was interesting. An old structure converted for a few days only to a market selling cars, ski doos, clothes, shoes and boots, high end leather coats, furniture including antiques and very modern lovely sectional couches. Eclectic mix of just about everything imaginable. Some of the gals picked up a few items. I took pictures and was amazed at the whole experience.
We came back to the ship around 130 pm for lunch and then to hang out by the pool in the heat of the day … around 24 degrees I think – maybe warmer.  
I did not end up with any new pearls this trip, yet …..
tomorrow Valencia and some markets, science and art museum and sunny Spanish beaches! wooo hooo. Then white night in the evening on the pool deck, and an overnight in Valencia followed by another full day. Fantastic cruise itinerary!
good night all

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