Pezanas Saturday Market

At Saturday market in Pezanas. 23 October 2015.  
Two vehicles and six of us travellers in total. We found parking almost effortlessly for the busy Saturday market. By ten we were wandering the stalls looking at culture and keeping an eye out for that special something.  
Today was the last day for shopping and outings for Steve, Jim and mom. They head home tomorrow. They had fun poking around at stuff and trying on hats! So fun … Food to taste, flowers to look at, sounds of the local musicians playing some great music,mixed with voices speaking French.  
Men in berets or leather hats. Scarves keeping necks warm, men and women, or just for style. Even some very young children here have scarves around their tiny necks. In fact everyone is wearing scarves! Both men and women adorned in Slim jeans and leather shoes or boots.  
Many of the locals and usual market goers had straw baskets to carry their treasures, baguettes poking out the top, or long stem flowers or both:). No doubt beautiful fresh produce, perhaps some other food treasures to be tasted this week.
In seats around small round tables in the square there are delights being served. Coffee. Bieres. Waiters hopping. Musicians playing to enjoyment of the locals and tourists. 
The market is alive with activity, sounds, smells, textures of a small French countryside village. C’est fantastique!  

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