Lagrasse and Narbonne Plages

our 4th Les Plus Beaux Village: Lagrasse and a sea quick dip
We got up at a leisurely pace and with two vehicles headed off to Lagrasse. This is our fourth Les Plus Beaux Villages on this trip and one that Anne had not been to previously. We parked on the outskirts and walked in to the Mid-evil Cite.  
Small boutique shops, cobblestones, scenic and old. Old stone buildings, well kept with wooden shutters, fabulous old doors, and little flower boxes with bursts of color. The sun shone bright all day, brilliant blue sky and temperatures up around 24 degrees at least …. it was hot and really lovely. All my layers of sweaters, jackets and scarves cast aside.  
After a lovely lunch and the non drivers shared a bottle of chilled white house wine, local to the region …. served in a clear plastic square wine holder half full with ice and cold water to keep the wine at a lovely served temperature. We sat outside and I was able to keep in the sun for the leisurely lunch. Nice!
After we walked through town, to the Abbey and around the surrounding grounds, crossed a few bridges and took pics on my ipad. A few hours later we headed for the Narbonne Plage, the beach.
The beach was beautiful and huge, nice soft sand, and rolling waves of deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. Well worth the extra time to drive there, a drop of 5 degrees near the shore and in the water I went. I had my bathing suit on all day for this occasion. The water was chilly and the surf strong enough to pull me off my footing and down I went into the crystal clear water. It seemed sandy bottom all the way out – lovely for sure and I am delighted I got to do it!
Having a lovely time – my family is about to leave tomorrow and that makes me a bit sad. So I won’t think about that now – I will try to not think about it till tomorrow.  
ciao all, au revoir for now
Pamela in France

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