Second full day, day 3 of France

Today’s Agenda: day3 in south of France

A drive toward Montpellier and a bit north of that to the Unesco town of St.- Guilhem – Le -desert – (village), stop at Pont du diable, this bridge is a UNESCO heritage site and then stop at Mas de Daumas Gassac, winery close to Aniane, village.  
One of “Les plus beaux villages” and unesco world heritage site.
Diner a la Maison Conti in Pezanas. We had reservations for 730 pm, it was full and they had to turn other people away. We got home around 1030. Lovely wine, conversation, exquisite flavourful French fare. It was lovely and we are all stuffed!  
Tomorrow three wineries, Mougeres (once was an Abbey), Mas Belles Caux, and Sugnurie de Peyrat (we had their wine tonight with dinner at the restaurant- fantastic! ). We will see a beach and then view the beautiful seaside town of Sete.
After that, heading to Beziers to pick up train tickets for four of us to go to Paris on 9 October and then returning the following evening to Roujan, and villa. Anne leaves the next day to catch cruise for 9-10 days …. I also need a ticket to Nice for the morning of 30 October …. As I will be heading to spend two days there and an Azamara cruise to follow and then home :). 
Also we will also see a beach and the town of Sete.  
Our time is full so far. We need to learn the routine and how to get around this area, as once Anne leaves, we are on our own. We have eaten the rich food, and drank some fantastic wines. The views are so beautiful. Ancient, lush, green and covered in vineyards with leaves about to change colour with the season. Dotted on any horizon are small villages with light gold buildings with terra cotta rooftops.  
It is quiet now, time to sleep and dream of another day.  
The sky is so black and it is so quiet here … A million trillion stars above us .. Takes my breath away.  
Good night, Bon soir
Love Pamela of France


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