8 October: an early morning reflection

Chere blog readers, te remercie de …… being with me on this magical journey in south of France.

October 8 already, where does the time go?
Nine hours ahead of my family and friends back home. I am telling you all that the future is beautiful in the south of France!! Anyone who thinks this would make a great holiday would be so right.
The benefits include unpacking once, although I have not yet finished unpacking 🙂 lol. Also local lavender flavored honey on gluten free toast. Lemon meringues from local bakery. White wine, red wine and rose in abundance. The flavours, the scents, the vistas, the gorgeous sunshine …. greenery as far as the eye can see and beyond into the imagination.
I am sitting at the table with a view of that lovely table, greenery hanging about and sweet rolling hills although almost flat like a wide valley bottom. Trees of shimmering grey / green next to almost bright yellow green and dark green leaves. Aloe plants as big as a car (a Europe car, lol), prickly pear cactus in bloom! and Palm trees in the yard. I can hardly believe it. Next to the leaves on the now bear vines as they begin, every day to change a little more color welcoming in the new autumn season.  
Cool evenings bring on the change in leaves on some of the trees. Last night out for dinner I wore light lilac silk top that I picked up in Europe last trip …. and wore over white slim jeans, with a white scarf around my neck. so when I say cool evenings, well, it is all relative!  
Speaking of relative, I am here with my mom and her friend Jim, my partner and Anne is our hostess. Tomorrow Mom, Jim, Steve and I all head off on a local train for a few days to explore Paris – city of lights. After that Anne leaves for 11 days on a cruise (I had once booked but then cancelled so I could stay here and house sit the villa:))
I feel like I have the most magical life, the most wonderful friends and family …. and most gracious opportunities. Enchanted is a word that comes to mind.  
Pamela of France
ps. for dinner last night I had salmon with local vegetables. The salmon was covered with carrot and curcumin so bright in color it was almost surreal. And the flavours ……… of everything so much more flavour when I sit in the region where the local select the best ingredients and serve with pride and interest, attention to every detail. Food is an art form. While here, I shall become an art lover!!!  

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