Book I listened to on flight to France

Long Flight YVR to AMS: Looptail
Squishy seats on KLM …. I decide to listen to an Audible book that I have thought might be inspiring. I was right.
“Looptail” is the title, author Bruce Poon Tip, creator of GAdventures. A Canadian adventure travel company that offers life changing trips around the world. Wow!  
Starting from the wisdom and inspiration that comes from certain spiritual focus on equality, true balance of finance. Redistribution of wealth through travel opportunities. This promises to be a great story.
I am already a huge fan of the company, now to learn the story of the heart behind its inception. As a travel agent it is my duty to research and find fantastic travel opportunities for those who come to me for assistance. The Women’s Travel Club relies on my ethical moral compass to guide our future as we change the lives of women globally.
Update: recently I listened to a podcast that told of this companies recent projects. Included, was the big news story that they were partnering with National Geographic. Another Wow!
Books he read: Great Ocean, about spiritual beliefs of Tibet Dalai Lama.  
His words and phrases:  
Responsible. Sustainable. If you want the comforts of home, then stay home. A huge problem is my opportunity. What I do is a calling, a movement. Our purpose in life is achieving happiness. Our work is integral to the way we live our lives. What matters to us is more similar than different. Passion and purpose. Motivation is to inspire modern businesses in global social movement.  
Be something or be nothing! I am only as good as the people around me. Story telling works in engaging customers to a higher purpose. It’s how I get up that matters. Reimagine group travel….Between mainstream tourism (large bus tours or cruises) and backpacking. Variety, activity and cultural exchange. Changing travel through fearless innovation. Doing what I was made to do, following inspiration. Paying it forward. I am being guided. 
Doing whatever it takes, taking part time jobs to make it work. Giving it my all. Speak wherever I can to whoever will listen. Follow through with promises. Create relationships. Coach. Teamwork. Leadership. Good things will happen when I do good things. Excellence is expected. I can’t teach loyalty passion and commitment. Relationships between travellers as much as where visiting. 
Freedom lies in being bold. There is a compassionate side of business. Meaningful connections. Create a sustainable solution through tourism. 

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