The Great France Adventure 2015: it begins

And the next journey has begun. Arrival at the airport in Victoria Bc in plenty of time for check in and luggage drop off. The sun is shining bright and it is warm today.
Issues : the weather, my luggage and what I am wearing.
It always seems to take so long to decide and select from the clothes and shoes always at the ready auditioning for the next trip. Wanting to be creative and fun, as well as practical and yet stylish. Wanting comfort and matching. The selection made in a last days and I am done. Whatever comes with me, that is it. :). 
Luggage; another item is on its last legs, it’s final trip. Last trip I retired my sticker covered famous carry on grey hard side suitcase. Today I am using my blue carry on size hard sided item for checking. I also decide on the red carry on item. It has a broken handle it seems, since leaving home so it won’t expand all the way. And so it is resting comfortably in a cart now. It won’t likely return with me … I will have to purchase something new.
I have decided also to wear the bulkiest sweater I own, cuddly and warm, neutral beige. This will get some use as I hang out in the villa in south of France. Snugly and warm …. Cozy yet stylin. Done! And matching hat … Once belonging to my mom … Like me, she buys hats and seldom wears them. So this one will be reunited with her. On my last trip my favourite hat was left accidentally in Rome at a sidewalk cafe near pizazza de popolo. Never to be seen or worn again by me.  
Well, off we go. KLM flight direct Vancouver to Amsterdam and then on to Montpellier. Can hardly wait.  
Needing sleep … Safe travels wherever you are!  


One comment on “The Great France Adventure 2015: it begins

  1. gailgrant says:

    Wishing you a wonderful trip my friend and not too wet! I hear there is flooding where you are going. Take care.

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