The trip home

Is it morning or night? I think it is 832 pm Rome local time and perhaps 1132 am same day, 19 June 2015. I have gone back in time.  
After a long flight starting in Rome, via Paris and now heading in to Vancouver, it is difficult to say what day it is and certainly what time it is or should be! We have gone back in time, so in theory perhaps I can find some extra hours of sleep when I get home …. 
The shuttle picked us up at 330 ish this morning outside of our boutique and quite satisfactory, Yes Hotel near Termini Station in Rome. 8 of us travelled to Fiumincino airport to catch our 645 am flight and begin the end of our fabulous Mediterranean vacation cruise and stay.
The total group size started at 12. One fell sick prior to the trip and cancelled only a few days prior to the departure from Canada. One of the gals fell while taking a photo in one of our first few stops on the cruise and was flown home early for surgery to repair her broken elbow. The remaining ten enjoyed sunshine, travel experiences, sight seeing and eating way too much for general health.  
The cruise was fantastic, the excursions, tours and days of walking exploration of ports for 15 nights was really great. Following the cruise, we explored Rome together for another three nights stay. We hopped on and off busses, took taxis, attended a walking tour and guided tours of some of the sights. We shopped, walked and laughed. We snapped photos and iPad pics.  
We bonded more as a group, we made new friends and enriched each other’s lives by sharing our stories and witnessing each other’s adventures on this journey.  
I return home a richer person in terms of time with friends, family and the world.

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