Collective Highlights of our trip, the Women’s Travel Club and more 

Highlights of our trip, Women’s Travel Club. As we gathered on our last night in the hotel in Rome in one of the small boutique hotel rooms, to share and consume any left over beverages and or foods we had purchased, and to chat about our trip, I managed to begin a list of our collective shared experiences and trip highlights.
Bling bracelets, Pam had them from previous trips, almost all the gals have them now.

Jewish ghetto on the food tour in Rome, the stories, our guide, gluten free food.

Freedom of speech statue of the man who would not relinquish despite torture.

Pantheon magnificence, brought tears to the eye to imagine the dream it once was.

Colosseum magnitude. Several took tours, everyone took photos. The ancient sight.

Prosecco limoncello and wine from the local wine tastings along the trip and shared.

Skyline sailing into Malta, a sight none of us will forget and many will want to return to.

Master card usage, currency exchange, getting extra Euros on the ship. Money well spent.

Baha’i gardens in Haifa. We stood in awe at the sight, the view and how vast and peaceful.

Swimming in the Dead Sea in their t shirts, two of the gals got to experience this in Israel. They also visited the ancient Masada unesco world heritage sight.  

Jerusalem centre of various religious expressions co existing- visiting the Wailing Wall.

Being moved to tears.  

Last day in Rome shopping frenzy in Jewish ghetto quarter of Rome. Clothes, bling. Laughter.  

Gerry and the cute guys, inviting pictures and photo of poster of guy with garbage can lids in jumping pose.

Diving in the sea off pirates cove ship, Cleopatra beach. Alanya Turkey, a fave spot.

Swam in sea four times

Salt water pool water

Service on cruise ship

Corey dance party at horizons, dancing divas close it down twice!  

Floating in sea, listening to the chanting of the Muslims, feet floating bouyant. 

Greece Turkey Italy Cyprus Malta Israel …. Countries we have visited this trip. 

Gythion was the first swim.  

Jim’s patience with the women and shopping, he waits quietly, he opens wine bottles.  

He really was such a good sport every day with travel with several unknown women.

Exploring Rome on bus and walking through alleys.

Taking pictures of doors, people, flower boxes, balconies, steeples and the sky.

High Tea

Red Ginger and other specialty dining restaurants on Oceania Riviera

Vatican City and Sistine chapel. Spanish steps, piazza navona, piazza del popolo.

Wine tour and lava river, time in Taormina was our first excursion

Erice town top of mountain in Sicily. The view.  

Ancient sites of Aspendos and Side in Turkey. We will go back there.  

Watching and listening to Janet and her bargaining powers. Power shopping.  

Chania Crete, swimming, walking, shopping, having wine, walking together as a group of ten.  

Turkish carpet, three for ten euro!  

Laughing with the gals, big laughs!  

How the group managed different personalities, ten in the group from 12 started.

Some deep conversations and good friends relationships developed and strengthened.

Helping each other. Janet helping Jean after the fall. Caring for each other.  

Bulgari bath supplies from the luxurious Oceania Riviera ship.  

Dress up in our finest to dine together, glitz and bling, laughter and food.  

All of us met together at the Emmanuel II bridge last day in Rome, from three groups.

Tiramisu and many desserts, 

Searching for and finding and a blue scarf for Margrit.  

Mdina castle above Valetta on island of Malta.

Oceania robes and slippers, luxurious concierge veranda staterooms, salt water pool and heated tiled beds in spa.  

Balcony rooms linked for visiting between two rooms

Travelling with my mother is always a highlight!  

Missing the disasters in Egypt, demonstrations, bomb threats on ship, fire in Trapani Sicily, Rome airport fire before we get there.  

Sherry able to get help before the trip. Jean home for her surgery 

Spectacular sunshine, nice breezes, fantastic weather the whole trip

All the J and G letters, names sound the same. Jamella and mamma J….

Ship board credits, trying to spend 

Alanya Turkey, amphitheatre, pirate ship boat ride, beach area beautiful, walking the boardwalk, a swim in the sea, Turkish carpet and new friend for Gerry and Pam.  

Lighthouses in port cities and as we cruised in and out of the port areas. Chania.

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