On my way home, again

Barcelona and the flight home

The last day at sea was lovely.  Full of events, lecture on highlights of Barcelona, eating (of course) and packing.  Saying good bye to friends and crew and staff, planning for the trip home and trying out those things I neglected, like the bath salts from the Himalayas!  And shopping in the boutiques.  
With all the ship board credits, and purchasing wine on outings to ports of call, the amount owingt on the final billing was a nice reasonable amount.  Very reasonable indeed!  Internet was included this time, so that helped out $350!  And a little shopping was nice in hose spacious and in boutiques … As well as spa items I could not live without … Lol!
Our friends secured one more dining in the favourite Red Ginger, which made an even ten  times out of 15 evenings we ate in specialty restaurants!  Awesome!  While there we saw some of our other friends … Also taking advantage of the last night cancellations for dinner.  What spectacular food we had on this ship, and the service was fabulous!
Packing was easier than expected, and took up less room than when I I arrived …. ?
Suitcases outside our room by ten pm, we even made it to the show after dinner!  
Difficulty sleeping, I guess, anxious about going home …
Early morning in-room breakfast as I enjoy the sun rise on Barcelona!  Clear blue sky peaks out between the ships and sights of the city.  Wow … What a grand voyage, for sure!
Excited to be going home … For at least six weeks before I come back to Europe again … I am ready for this trip to be over.  Flight check in completed and gluten free food ordered for the long flight London Heathrow to Seattle.  We head out just after seven am to get our luggage and arrange a taxi to the airport.
He showed us some highlights …. And he only spoke Spanish …. But easy enough to understand.  
Shopping at the airport after getting our boarding passes and going through security without incident.  First leg of flight almost over, arriving in London on time and with all our luggage … Of course!  And a glass of white wine from Spain was a nice touch!  Thanks British Airways!
  I Love this trip!
See you soon, all!
Big love
Pamela!  Your travelling agent!  


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