On my way, at London Heathrow airport

  At London Heathrow

On my way home.  A very long day when I start at six am in Barcelona and it is afternoon now waiting for 9 plus hue flight to Seattle … Which seems to be delayed.  When the flights are heading toward home the time zone gets me home today but is exhausting for sure.  Hoping for a good sleep and perhaps gluten free food aboard British Airways.  
Sunshine every step of the way so far starting when I got up on the ship in Barcelona port … Now in sunny London.  What a huge airport … Very spacious and bright with the blue sky and sunshine.  Big sky …
I do love international travel and while I am excited to get home, I already feel the anticipation building for the next trip to Europe this year in six weeks and the next one to south of France in early October.  What a fabulous year for travel!  
I have many other opportunities to travel this year and I shall see what else pops up.  I am hopeful that the Womens Travel Club gals come on along wherever I go!  Travelling with friends and family is so very fun.
Boarding has begun, time to go ……

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