Women’s Travel Club

Last day before Portugal

The sea is breezy sunny sparkly and yet calm.  A little cooler than my last Amazing Amazon cruise.  Too bad I did not pack those extra sweaters and jackets .. Lol.  It is not cold, but a bit chilly in the wind out at sea, and especially when coming out of the thalassotherapy pool!  Big wind up on that deck for sure!
We have very much taken advantage of all the specialty dining opportunities and then some.  Tomorrow night back to Toscana with the couples we met and tonight we decided to dine together in the main dining venue.  
It is warm enough to have the balcony door open all the time, and to be outside … Also to have the sea breeze and soon all night long as we cross the Atlantic.  I do enjoy sea days.  So relaxing!  No pressure to be here or there.
Took in a few enrichment lectures, one on a cross country Africa trip the speaker had made years ago.  Fun detail and photos.  Oh, how it was all those years ago!  And the second was a British fellow talking about how it really was with Titanic and who was at fault, who took the blame.  Interesting and he was not shy at all about his view and research on this topi.  
In between of course, food … And tootling around the ship, talking to women who want to join our club and some wanting to join upcoming tours in 2016.  
Asking me how I make decisions in itineraries … I explain that it is truly at the whim and encouragement of the women with bucket lists!  Where they want to go, I am happy to make it so.  Maybe that is a good vision statement for the travel club?  Hmmmm.
One of the franchise owners wants to interview me for my success in this business.  I am happy to report that the women I travel  with make my success.  Their ideas, their commitment and deposits … And the follow through …help finding companions and travelling in groups.
On this cruise alone I have had several offers to turn down of great value vacations.  I feel I need to get home and meet with the members of the Women’s Travel Club.  
I also encourage a mix of land vacations and cruises to really see the area of interest, by land and by sea, and sometimes by river!  
How many times will I travel every year?  How will I make decisions for the women of the club?  All that is being worked out with careful caring of the advisory group who have stepped forward.  Lucky me to have attracted such brilliant women!
So far all of the trips have met and exceeded my expectations and I truly hope all the participants feel that way.  What to wear and where to go pale in comparison to the great friendships and companions choosing to share our time together in a global holiday.  I will go anywhere with this group!  
And we don’t always think alike … We don’t have the same income levels … However we do share an intention to experience the world in style and for great value.  I am so lucky and privileged to assist with the details and arrangements.
Also I am extremely grateful for the businesses that I work with … Insurance, tour companies, cruise ships, hotels and food establishments (a big thanks  for gluten free efforts all around).  
Tomorrow on land on an exotic island belonging to Portugal, however, exotic in its climate and only accessible by ship, cruise.  How lucky I am to have found this second career, great friends, wonderful relationships with luxury affordable cruise lines, Azamara, Oceania, and more … River cruises too, and Expedia.ca for hotels and flights.  
I am also grateful to my franchise owner Jeremy, who assists me every step of the way.
See you all soon and I will be thrilled to send you and update from the next port of call!
Your travelling agent, wish you were here!

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