Rocking me gently …..

The sea today is a beautiful blue, no white caps, frothy white around the hull of the ship.  The sky a blue a few hues lighter and the odd fluffy  white cloud drifts by.  The sounds of the sea are so soothing.

Early this morning a helicopter arrived to air lift someone to shore.  We are in the middle of Atlantic.  I have been sleeping with balcony door open to listen to the water sounds so the noise of the chopper was super loud and actually woke me up:). The rocking motion put me gently back to sleep.
And now another day gone by.  Tomorrow we are landing on Madeira so that should be lovely.  Then a sea day and port of call in Gibraltar…. Another sea day and Barcelona.  Then I fly home.
I wanted to write some observations about this ship.  Firstly, it is beautiful, newish, sparkly, clean and well maintained.  The service is probably the best I have ever had .. No lines, no waiting …no issues to resolve.  Having a balcony is pretty special and I love access to the terrace spa and thalassotherapy pool, and sanctuary lounge.  Also the hot rock beds … I have attended a few spa lectures and info sessions, all complimentary.  The staff seem knowledgable and informative.
Today I plan to check out all the areas I have not checked out so far.  Deck 16 where mini golf and paddle tennis take place.  Then to the steam room, and the spa on deck 14, and maybe take my iPad around for photos of some of the highlights of the ship.  There are a few enrichment lectures today of interest … London to CapeTown overland tour … And then one on Titanic.  Perhaps back to the Artist Loft for an hour or two late afternoon.  Dinner with our couple friends in Main Dining Room.  That dining room is gold and crystal, sparkling lights and very beautifully decorated.  It gives the sense of brightness and glamour.
Food wise I think I love Toscana and Red Ginger.  Red Ginger is very unique, the staff seem very happy there, the food choices are varied and fabulous, tasty and exotic.  Even a choice of chopsticks!  We have eaten there twice, in fact all restaurants twice except Polo Grill, so far.  An extra Toscana tomorrow with our friends, table for six.  I think we will try to have another evening in Red Ginger before the cruise is over as well.
Today is my eleventh wedding anniversary … Happy Anniversary, Steve, and I look forward to celebrating with you when I get home in less than a week.  

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