Bridgetown Barbados

Good morning, Barbados

We had a wonderful sea day and the amazing captain of the ship arranged for an early arrival and late departure from Barbados.  Pretty special.  
Most of the group got off the ship at the pier and shared a taxi van for the day.  Their itinerary included the Harrison Caves, Plantation Homes, a tour and shopping at the chocolate factory and some fabulous gardens.  They report a day well spent.  The taxi driver went with them, stayed on site and was part of their experience all day.  It is important to negotiate the terms of the taxi ride prior to getting in the vehicle.  There  were apparently many taxi drivers trying to get this fare.
I was here in December, with my friends and some of the Women’s Travel Club when we were on board Oceania Insignia.  This was one of my favorite stops, primarily because of the easy access to the beach by walking and enjoying the park, Boardwalk, the shops along the way … And the beach itself.  Carlisle beach is the name.
And so four of us decided to do the walk together.  It  was a beautiful hot sunny day in Bridgetown Barbados.  Some big white fluffy clouds offered some relief from the sun, however the sky was a beautiful shade of blue for the most part … And the sea was Caribbean turquoise.  
Taking the same route and noticing hat the cars here drive the same as England and Australia do.  There was a beautiful park with lovely big trees providing shade and cooler air as we walked.  The same artist, a man working on his craft, painting scenes of the Caribbean and selling originals, prints and bookmarks to the passers by.  I love his work and am reminded of the beautiful postcards and book marks in a white mat.  This time I did not purchase anything.  I have some of his brilliant watercolour and black ink drawings of Palm trees and surf at home now.  Lovely to see him again.
We walked further and again found that ladies shop, a local artist as well.  She starts with a beautiful 100% cotton fabric, sews ponchos, dresses, long shirts, short shirts and scarves, she then dyes to beautiful colours and then applies fabric paint, bright colours, gold, white, black and vibrant green, turquoise etc.  Really lovely.  Also she makes jewelry using seeds, painting them in unique shades and then stringing them into unique creations.  I love her shop and the fabulous colours and textures.  
Onward to the beach, passing great squares and walking over pedestrian bridges.  I am reminded that Christmas decorations adorned the area when I was here in December.  
We stopped at a bead store and one of the gals made a purchase.  Onward down the side roads, passing craft malls where local artists have set up shop.  Beautiful vibrant and pastel coloured buildings are a delight, and the ever present view of the surf and warm Caribbean water surrounds us.  
The sand is like icing sugar, soft, white, cool and stretching for miles.  I quickly get to the waters edge and soon am swimming in the salt water, enjoying this beach and the coolness and relief from the warmth of the sun.  
A few swims, a long walk along the sandy beach leaves me completely satisfied.
Later we meander home to the ship passing again shops and boutiques.  Great fun and a fully satisfying experience.  We meet up with the other gals about quarter to four, and have a late lunch at the Waves Cafe, beside the pool deck on the ship.  
Later I attend a Captains invite to the Oceania Club cocktail party.  Then dining with friends at the Terrace Cafe, under the stars, enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean breeze.  We then went to the entertainment variety show hosted by our cruise director and followed by dancing up in Horizons Lounge.  
A full and enjoyable day all around.  Grateful for travel friends!  
Missing my family back home, just a few days left of this cruise.  

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