The Trek Home

Good early morning my friends and family,

I am packed, at the airport in Nova Scotia, Halifax, and through security. I may go get a tea at Starbucks as I am plenty early for boarding on my flight. I am however, overdressed for indoor weather, so a tea would just make me warmer. Sigh.

Seems I have achieved emergency exit rows all the way, no additional fees. Gotta love Westjet! I booked with my Westjet card so I wonder if that gets me little extras … Like I don’t have to pay for my checked luggage. Nice.

Wandering through this airport I find lobster advertisements, maple sugar displays, and Nova Scotia tartan scarves and mittens. Kind of fun to look at. I have all I need to take home and I am looking forward to getting back. I have work to do, and assistance to give to travellers who count on me.

I had a wonderful visit. Spent all my time with my mom and as well we visited with lots of other family and friends. I ate well, lots of favorite foods and post holiday treats. I got to visit the beach at Kingsport on a bright sunny day. Watched a few movies, had a little wine. Nice.

See you soon,

Big love and stay tuned on Facebook for my check ins on the way home.


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