Nova Scotia, back “home”

Nova Scotia revisited / “where is Pam?”

I LOVE my trips, ‘home’ to Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Today, my last day on this vacation, in sunny January 2015. The tide was high high in Kingsport, where I spent many a childhood day. I took some pics, I walked a bit in the cool biting wind coming off the water, which had been churned up and appeared red, mixed with sand. I fall in love every time I come here.

Another drive through Wolfville, looking at beautiful old homes,with fabulous front porches adorned with chairs for watching….. Sitting still and staying present to the sights and sounds, smells and textures of the day and surroundings.

Another stop at a fave pub overlooking the tide at a Port Williams, the Port Pub … My second stop there this visit, just shy of two weeks. Then another last drive past Acadia University. When I arrived last week it was magic, dusted with white fresh snow and sparkling reflection of lights. Today green grass, a different view of the same view; the same beautiful campus. Young people bundled up and walking briskly to and fro, crossing streets, on a mission of education. What a great place to go to school and learn!

As a senior person you can pay a small annual fee and use the campus for self learning, fitness and feel the energy that exudes from this fantastic location in Eastern Canada.

Pulled to a sense of home that is the only one I have ever known in all my years and all my places of residence. For certain, I love Victoria above all places I have lived, however, I still feel the call of my youth and happy memories … And time spent with my mom and brother, and childhood friends.

I prepare to head home, boarding pass at the ready … A last supper, some packing, and away I go.

Thanks for joining me on this leg of my journey home.

With love,






One comment on “Nova Scotia, back “home”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Great photos! you are a bona fide coast-to-coast girl! 🙂

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