As 2014 comes to a close …..

It’s New Years Eve. Time for the last moment of the fantastic year 2014 and the very fresh new beginning of 2015.

In the back ground, on cd of random assortment … Friends we are spending time with on New Yeas Eve…. I hear Andrew Bocelli singing with a woman …. “Time to say goodbye”. Perfection. Goosebumps. A tear of joy. I stop and breathe, taking in the memory of a very special evening …

The fist time I heard that woman in the resort at Maratea sang to us all in her native Italian voice … I wept. This was truly one of my favorite memories of Italy this past year. The true essence of Italy. One of my favourite memories of all time. Forever it will be in my memory.

Trisha Yearwood sang a song of “The Song Remembers When”. So true. The world stops and I am transported instantly to another time and place … To a time once upon a while ago.

I love LOVE the space between the days, before the sun comes up, spring and fall and where the sea and shore meet. I’m in love with change, as opportunity for more and better and improvement and same. Water color paints with the pigments blending naturally in the water and where it mixes on the cotton paper.

Tonight I rejoice and in is space and hopeful for the days and year to come.

With love

I suggest you take time to check out the youTube. And then, download and pay for the music on the iPad.

I was reborn Italian in 2014!

Ti Amo, Piacere.

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