Joy is …

Looking back on this vision, I see I now live in this apartment I envisioned early last year. I travelled to some of the places mentioned …. and I trust I made my contribution to world peace. Enjoy

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Joy is …..

…Travel with awesome people to foreign lands, women holding hands around the world!

…My grandsons playing hide and seek and squealing with delight when I share loving moments and peak around corners looking for their excited faces. Oh, what a delight is Grammie-love!

…Moments of pleasure in reflection on my great life experiences so far.

…Creativity in visualization, extreme positive emotions imaging my future.

…I see a large white bedroom, loft perhaps, on the top floor, penthouse condo, all glass walls. Views of stunning colourful sun rise and set, the changing of the seasons and natures display, birdsong filling the air and calls from the sea. I see a writing table, or two or three, in strategic view points around the expansive and simple floor plan. I see computer screens with stories being written, preparing for my artistic expression. A den with quilting machine busy finishing stunningly…

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