Where are the Women Travel Writers?

I am searching for brilliance originating with women travelling the globe. Funny that Its not real easy to find very many. What does this signify? What I suspect is many women travel and have travelled … Where is their story and how can I get the abridged version also edited by a woman? I search.

The drive to embark upon the adventure and then further, to see it to its completion and write the story, get it published and share it with the world. Is it unusual for women to take the journey?

Kira Salak, as a young solo travelling woman did undertake an adventure to Timbuktu. This story is not about the stay-at-home kind of gal, for sure. An account of endurance, and perhaps personal discovery.

I stumble on Jan Morris, and then names tumble by me on my Amazon.ca investigation, my search for female names in the authors of titles.

One of the titles of a book I would write, in my own language and time is “I am reborn Italian”. It will include my love of language, accents, stunning and hot steamy beaches where the sand meets the cool green blue surf of the sea, gluten free foods that taste and have the texture of Italian home made pasta and Napoli pizzeria fame. Fresh ingredients grown in local gardens and sold in corner markets, or from the back of half ton trucks bringing produce from organic farms owned and operated within communities of families for ages of time. Oh, and the wines: prosecco, chianti and all the various regions and varietals of grapes from the heart and soul of Italy. Architecture and history that tells stories of a time and space long before our own.

I discovered a few of my fave actors / actresses from a number of years ago, have written a book “Living in a Foreign Language: A Memoir of Food, Wine and Love in Italy?” I can hardly wait to read it, and have recently downloaded it to my Kindle ereader with my Christmas present coupon voucher from a family member who supports Amazon.ca. Thank you!

A slight digress: Remember when we would go the bookstore and read the bindings of hard cover books, on sale during Boxing Week, discovering the treats and treasures stored on the shelves? Now researching is easy from the comfort of my home with brand new iPad Air. Ahhhhhh, time marches on and technologies are the domain of the every-person.

Back to my research of Travel Writing and hopefully a gender perspective ….

A few more finds ….The Best Womens Travel Writing volumes up to 9 or more? The Best American Travel Writing 2013, co-edited by Elizabeth Gilbert, who is, by the way, one of my favourite authors of travel writing.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” asks Mary Oliver, poet and author. ‘Writing Away’ is a travel writing guide book written by Lavinia Spalding.

I think I will pause here, grab my fountain pen and favourite journal and get ready for my next travel adventure… Or my new iPad Air coupled with my hunt and peck technique.

Feel free to lend me some assistance, send me a link, or a name and or blog that you have discovered and wish to share. I will be waiting, glass of red wine in hand, candle burning in the window …. Ready for my next woman’s travel adventure.

Ciao for now Bella, mi amica,

Ti Amo … grazie, prego, mi dispiace

Pamella, as they call me in Italy!

“In travel, it is compassion that will bring the peace we desire. It is compassion that will save us all from the stress of covering hundreds of miles in the air with our babies. Remember, compassion comes from within, in each of us. We bring it with us everywhere. We can create a new world by practicing this. Compassion for the children, compassion for the people judging the children, compassion for the parents, compassion for ourselves. What is the alternative? For me there is none…”
— Carrie-Anne Moss

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