Lost and Found

I wrote a fabulous blog post from my day in Barbados. I wrote about the sights and sounds, the textures and the sensations, the tastes. An explosion of sensory delights. I thought I posted it on WordPress and then it was gone…. From my wordpress and from my writing / drafting page. Gone from the pages…. Never from my mind. I loved Barbados as I knew I would. Somehow you study a place and just know …..

Travel writing makes me a better traveller. I become more in tune with the moment and then I capture it, in words and sometimes with a photograph or two. I learn to create a snapshot in time. I also am trying to paint and take better photographs of destinations of interest for me. So far New York, Santorini, Stonehenge, the forest, the waves.

I travel and I write, I create. I trust my travels make my writing better and my writing makes me a more intuitive and sensitive traveller.

While I have lost my entry from the sunny Caribbean December 2014, I have found that I can remember the heat from the sun on my skin, the cool sensation of drinking room temperature bottled water in my mouth and throat, the feel of the white soft sand under my feet as I walked on the beach toward the surf, the subtle salty taste and scent of the splashes of surf as a wave catches me by surprise, the bright green of the leafy Palm high overhead as I stroll along he Boardwalk on the sea coast.

I can taste the salty green olives after they soaked in my very dirty very cold vodka martini before dinner, at happy hour with friends, back on the ship. The sound of laughing, singing, loud vocals and music in the disco dance party to the wee hours. My dear friend drumming up the courage to sing her first karaoke number in front of the crowd of onlookers and supporters. Breakfast room service arriving and enjoyed on the veranda as we slowly sail in to a new port on a new day. Fresh berries in a bowl after late night dining, and a tea pot of hot water slightly tasting of fresh cut lemon poured in to my mug and sipped as we recall the memories of the day.

I have lost the post and yet the details of the sensations linger when I sit quietly and encourage my mind to wander back to the precious moments that make up my travel memories.

I am starting to plan and rearrange my schedule for 2015 travel trips. I long already to return to the Caribbean and to Europe. I look forward to a few trips … And maybe a few more.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing, reading and or chatting with you about your travel plans. I hope we can venture out in the world together.

Ciao for now, all


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