Travel Mantras come to life!

I had an “ah-ha” moment this morning while on my weekly interview call with Deb. By way of background, when possible we meet for a few hours by phone, every Sunday early morning to review how we are doing in our life climb to our authentic unique highest and best.

We were reviewing our previous five weeks, including two and half weeks we travelled together in Italy.

Some of the highlights that I reviewed today included the evidence for thoughts becoming things (Mike Dooley); honouring and witnessing my authentic self, and; my daily efforts in becoming one degree kinder and making kindness a way of living in a more intentional way.

The inspiration I want to write about is how I am noticing and celebrating my unique authenticity and how I will make that a daily practice. I have gathered some proof that my travels, posting pictures on Facebook and continuing to blog daily has in some major way, assisted me to capture my passions and ideas and share them with those I care about most, my family and friends.

Before heading out on this trip, I was part of a group setting and writing our intentions and expectations for the trip. What thoughts were going to become what things and how, left to the universe. Ten Travel Mantras for mastery of our trip to Italy.

The exercise of talking about and expressing my deepest desires for an event not yet happened is not really new to me. Polishing and writing and sharing these desires, and letting go of the outcome …. Letting the universe handle the details, this is fresh!

Going forward I will practice this new, soon to be habit, as many times a day as I possibly can. This diamond is now in my pocket, my tool belt, for discovery and use at every mindful moment of every day.

Every day on my recent trip I took time, morning and or evening, and sometimes even mid day to slow down the pace of the day and to enter into a mindful state of the moment, the now.

I know in reflection of the written words and the memories of the moments captured in my thoughts … That my passionate intentions of how my life and this trip would unfold, has indeed come to pass.

…. That women are indeed holding hands around the world as they share their travel stories and dreams with me … As we weave together our international fabric and witnessing of the brilliance unfolded in authentic epic and world class flashes, snapshots in time shared with love and passion, and kindness felt deep in the heart of all.

…. That precious and sacred personal dreams sometimes referred to as ‘bucket lists’ are exposed to the new light of the new day in a new way than ever before.

…. That people are wanting to have what I am having, wanting to travel with me, or at least, like I do. That they have enjoyed the stories I tell, pictures I share, and the inspirations I have …. Invitations to dance their dreams on a world stage without fear or judgement, without limitations and excuses.

Abundance and desire live in all of us. Planning for fun and adventure have kept me company all the days of my life.

Now I know, and truly I believe, like never before dreamed, that to hold back on those dreams is my own limit. To own and be exuberantly happy about what is mine to enjoy …. Is my new daily practice.

Dr Suess says … “Oh, the places we will go …”




Ten mantras for travel mastery: Italy

1. Plentiful abundance easily flows through me
2. I walk with ease along the coast of Italy, the Walk of the Gods
3. May all travellers experience health and positivity on our journey
4. My body is vibrant, photogenic and full of energy
5. I experience love, joy and peace in all my relationships
6. My written words inspire and illuminate
7. I radiate positive light and goodwill along my path
8. I attract clear skies, sunshine and moonbeams
9. I live in Easy World: breathe, relax, allow, enjoy
10. I am grateful for the happiness I experience

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