Travel Dreams 2015-2016

I am still dreaming of driving twisty switch back roads in scenic Italy …. And yet waking to yet more ideas for next trips.

On Thursday evening, I attended a fabulous talk, presentation, by the woman author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Several women from the Womens Travel Club came along and we all left with plans for future fantastic and magical trips dancing in our heads.

Ireland was particularly strong image of the green rolling hills, the rugged sea coast, the Irish language and strong regional accent, small towns, local pubs, castle stays … So I began investigating what that might look like.

Perhaps a week long GAdventure small group travel tour of Ireland, September 12-20 2015. Of course there is more of Ireland that I want to see and a Cosmos tour on a large bus has great stops, however, do I want to spend long days on a bus for two weeks? Maybe ….

While on the British Isles, I would like to add on a week of personal travel through Scotland. Exploring and investigating my heritage and roots from the Isle of Skye?

A friend, Karen, sent me a book title that she is reading, Saxons, Vikings and Celts, the Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland. Very interesting overview of the DNA discoveries of our histories back to the few female ancestors. Tara seems to be one such woman that makes us mostly all cousins! So interesting!

I want to walk Hadrians Wall in Britain, northern part, and I think early September 2015 I can be fit for that stroll down history lane. There are supportive walking tours that arrange bed and breakfast stops and luggage transfers. Of course there are also local busses in the summer months for those wanting to do small pieces of the walk at a time. I wonder what is waiting for me on that wall? Hmmmmmm

I have a Greece and Turkey cruise with Oceania on board Marina starting 27 September 2015 disembarking Istanbul and port intensive stops ending in Athens eight days later. Subsequently I will be making my way to south of France to spend a few weeks in a villa and do day trips to Paris and around.

Perhaps GAdventures local living tour week on a small boat touring the rivers in Burgundy wine region?

All in all perhaps a two month trip in Europe. This year I was there for five weeks and loved every moment of this fabulous vacation.

I hope you will think about joining me on some or all of the adventures I have been planning.

2016 I have Egypt tour with GAdventures through desert and oasis areas and history to explore.

Then walking to base camp of Mt Everest in the fall, around November 2016 again with GAdventures tours.

I am placing a deposit on Oceania cruise for May 2016 which goes from Australia to New Zealand and in South Pacific to Papeete. I plan to go early for some local travel in Australia and see my long loved and dreamed about koala bears.

As always I am also open to receiving the next opportunity that comes my way through the travel business. Asia cruising for thirty days would be awesome.

I want to take Via Rail train from west coast of Canada to Nova Scotia and then perhaps Amtrak from New York City to San Francisco and then up to Vancouver for the complete loop.

What are your travel dreams?

I have come to understand that we have thoughts and desires to visit foreign places and when we are open, the opportunities come our way, effortlessly.

Hang on, we are going for a ride!





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