Last day with GAdventures tour, local living Sorrento

Last day at Agritourismo

Today we had the treat and favourable weather prediction for sunshine …and the island of Capri. The emphasis of this word is on the Cap and small ri. That is how it is in southern Italy.

We prepared for a nice day, although it was a cool evening in the room. What a grand room and accommodation! Wind blowing from the sea, and waking up with the new light of day as the sun shines out on the horizon.

Unfortunately breakfast had invited a gluten product on our table, and so, more of that later. We prepared and were picked up in the minivan for our departure to the Sorrento pier. I saw the Azamara ship there yesterday and then today the small Primcess ship was tendering people in. It looked like rough seas, so half a gravel, some ginger, a peppermint gum and fresh lemon just in case. I share with another fellow who anticipates some sickness …and Marianna also, we split one in half.

The port is lovely, fishing boats and nets, old buildings and structures. Great view and some sea birds soaring on the breeze. The waves seem to be a bit choppy. We are greeted by a lovely thirty six foot speed boat … To take our crew to Capri as planned. Ho ….. A bit interesting just getting in the boat!, rocky seas, I select to sit up front for air and view. Off we go. All is well. Janie and I chat about what a delight this is. Extra special really. Above and beyond expectations.

We arrive in Capri after breathtaking views and a safe landing. Within minutes I feel ill and pull away from the group. I decide not to participate …. I simply can’t go any further. Three hours of sickness from the earlier gluten poisoning …. Thank goodness there was a public pay water closet. Then a rest by the sea shore, in the shade sipping on an appreciated bottle of frizzy water .. Waiting for the nausea and so on to pass. Waves of fogginess and shakiness took over and … Well, enough of that! I survived and maybe moved ten to twenty feet in the three hours. Thanks to my friend Deb for postponing her celiac reaction until I could feel better and look after her….. That is what friends are for ….. Smile.

Others arrived from their adventure up top and to AniCapri …. Then back to the boat for a three hour tour all around the island. The seas calmed. The spectacular view was not to be missed. If ever you get a chance for a private tour around the island, I highly recommend it. Some two hundred thousand people visit this small unique and high end island every week ….13,000 residents….. It is about tourism. And so incredibly beautiful.

Then back to Sorrento, and the agritourismo last evening meal. People are starting to pack up and one left before dinner. We all go our separate ways tomorrow.

The five of us gals will go to Sorrento in the morning for a ride in to pick up our car rental … And off on the adventure further south, out of tourist country, where almost no one speaks English, for our final week together at the time share in Maretea.

Stay tuned for more … Hugs and stories.

Ciao. Ti amo.









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