Limoncello and gluten free pizza lessons

Limoncello 4 ingredients

One litre 98 percent alcohol,
7 zest of Lemons
650 gm Sugar
1 litre Water

Let zest soak in alcohol in a jar. Seal. For one week.
Let sugar melt in cold water
Pour yellow liquid into water, sugar mixture.

Original in Sorrento, igp sign, means follows proper processing.

Today we had a day to explore and learn about this agritourismo, starting with a sleep in and late breakfast. Followed by a tour and talk from the owner and the family, interpreted by Francesco. Beautiful pictures, hot sun … Ahhhhhh. The scent of the lemons growing and hanging all around.

We learned to make limoncello as above … Then we took turns making pizza. The gluten free gals went first … Lots of fun and extraordinary. I feel so special and I go first. Yummmmm

We head in to Sorrento for a quick shop in town, it starts to rain a shower as we wander down the alleys and small streets. Fun. We grab a city bus back to the farm, walk back up the hill.

Time for a shower, dress and today we have a wine tasting event led by our sommelier Francesco. Lovely. Out doors on the patio, watching the sun set on the sea, behind mount Vesuvius. Breathtaking. Snacks of olives, cheese, gluten free fresh made bread, some crackers and crisps. We can hear music from the hotel restaurant and bar below on the hill … In fact is still playing even now as I write this several hours later. Familiar tunes, Italian words. Beautiful.

Dinner always at eight … Tonight, risotto for the gluten free, bread, lettuce salad, cauliflower baked …. Some wine, limoncello for dessert. Then some plans made for tomorrow …. A full day to the island of Capri. Oh this will be grand.

The following day we head to Sorrento to pick up the rental car and off we go for our final week adventure in Maratea, southern coast of Italy some three or more hours south of here. Looking forward to quiet, fun with the gals. Maybe painting?

Ti amo. Ciao. Wish you were here.

Love Pamellllla

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