Path to Positano

It has been many years since the dream of seeing Positano and the Amalfi coast was born. Many indeed. I imagined a colourful coastline and spectacular views. As of yesterday this dream is being realized.

After breakfast, we prepared for the day. And with instructions from our leader, we ventured out on our own, three of us. Francesco and half of the others decided they would do the famed Walk of the Gods adventure hike. Sadly my toe is still damaged and my foot very sore, so alas, I am not going to try it. They depart and we have a meeting place for five pm fast foot ferry boat from Positano back to Sorrento and home to the agritourismo for five pm departure.

We three walk through the lemon tree groves, peppered with assorted fragrant flowers and beautiful trees of many kinds and descriptions. To say this place is beautiful is an understatement. It is a magical spot away from the world and yet conveniently located only a few moments walk from the hustle and bustle of every day life in the south of Italy ….. Tourists, shopping, cars and busses, school children, etc etc. Here on this property time stands still, the wind gently blows in the sea air, the sun shines, the view stops me in my steps and I gasp. A hard working close family share the daily chores and entertain, host lunches, have me as their guest … As well as make fresh cheeses, dinner, bake bread, home made pizza, limoncello. They grow olives and other varietals of fruits and veggies and prepare for human consumption and enjoyment. After all, this is Italy!

A local bus for a euro, comes and the driver while not English speaking assists to advise when we arrive in the centro of Sorrento. A busy metropolitan city and we are not in the tourist area. I make a few purchases of local watercolor book marks and a special gift for my mother. And we purchase our bus tickets for a trip to Positano in an hour or so. There is a long queue already …. And many high school age students pour into the bus, now solid with as many standing as sitting. Perhaps we have the last three seats! Oy vey! And off we go.

Mamma Mia …. Common expression I have come to love while here …. Switchbacks and close to cliff views. Incredible! I am a bit motion sick … No air on the bus …. So crowded and the momentum is so extreme … I do very much enjoy the view from my window when I can catch a sight … Over an hour ride and we arrive, dropped off at the very top for the long windy walk down narrow streets to the beach area of Positano. Every step of this walk is a picture, a photo op, and an opportunity to capture a moment that I will want to paint later. It is spectacular and I am so grateful for arriving in this Fantastico place.

Shopping is delayed as the shops are mostly closed in Italy, at least on this trip, between 2 pm and 4 pm-ish. However the closer we get to the beach, the more stores are available. The steps, the doors, the flowers, the view, the colourful old buildings and decorated tiles that adorn the entranceways. It is all beautiful. It is all spectacular blues, yellows, terra cotta tile red, peach, orange, gold, white, and more … Greenery everywhere. This is a lush land and so picturesque. Down down down we walk.

We meet our group and have a one hour ride in the waves across the bay to Sorrento to catch our ride home. Back at the farm we dress for dining, and we share stories about our day.

Dinner is again started with antipasto … Tomato, home made hot gluten free rolls, and grilled vegetables. Olive oil. A soup of fava beans and potato with tomatoes is rich, warm and very comforting. Grilled aubergine, eggplant, parmigiana …. One of the best flavours and dishes probably ever I have eaten. I tell them so. They advise it is one of the easiest and fastest dishes to make fresh and fast … Oh my. I want more. The small tasty servings are perfect. And the meal is complete. Some wine local to the area, sparkling white and then rich red. Dinner is complete with limoncello and one made from fennel … So exotic and incredible. We all taste. It is impressive and satisfying.

I feel lucky. I feel special and I feel very satisfied that this will go down as one of my favorite travel days ever. The hots sun, a gentle breeze, good people, great food, some shopping, delightful scenery of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Piacere!, Ti Amo.

For now, ciao ciao


Wish you were here!




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