Heaven and Sorrento

The sun shines brightly on my holiday!

The rain came in a short blast last evening …. Waking me and soothing me at the same time. I could almost hear the thirsty earth absorbing the drops.

Today the sun shining and brilliant outside, with a breeze in from and on the water. I can see the Bay of Naples out my window and am so enjoying the view.

Time to get ready to go to town … Sorrento first, then Positano to meet the hikers by 4 pm and a boat ride back to this area. Bucket list towns, this is such an awesome vacation! Ohhhhhh the dreams coming true.

Gluten free breakfast provided, fresh fruit and preserves, gluten free breads and cookies, tea, juice … How long has it been since I have dunked cookies in my tea? I must have been very young indeed but I have a memory ….. Thanks mom, for being so wonderful and filling my early life with happy moments that I can pull up any time I want!

Ciao ciao my dear ones, piacere. Beautiful! Wish you were here!


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