Grammielog love date 20140208. Wow! Living my dream. On a greyhound bus from the coast to Revelstoke BC to visit my lovely daughter and her precious family, two grand sons. I am excited and thrilled to be on this ride. Woman bus driver who is so terrific. The most pleasant bus ride ever.

The sun has shone with dry roads, cold temperatures and clear crisp mountain vistas. It has been at times breathtaking and live changing.

Listening to Audible on my iPhone. First Mike Dooley, I finished the Infinite Possibilities audible book. Whoa! So inspirational I had to keep stopping and taking notes. I feel transformed by his message. I put him on 1.25 speed so got to listen to more in less time. Really condensing yet getting the messages he shares. I highly recommend Mike’s work, including his brilliant daily Notes From The Universe that deliver to my gmail for free every morning. They are inspiring and help me focus and enjoy my days, my moments and my life even more every time I receive the message.

I started listening to Joe Vitale, his next book about the sacred Hawaiian spiritual traditional teaching

For lunch I picked up a wonderful warm salad with brown basmati rice with spinach, chick peas, dried cranberries, carrots and some seeds and nuts. It was a healthy place, Chopped Greens I think. Yum. Got it to go in a box and ate it on the bus, vegan gluten free, sugar free. I love my new healthy lifestyle.

Talking a lot to the fabulous woman bus driver about her hopes and dreams, travel, and her career. I think it might be fun to be a bus driver. On a day like this anyway!

One comment on “Grammielog

  1. You walked a mile in another’s shoes so to speak. Witnessing what a joy and pleasure it can be to be a bus driver. Dooley is Amazing, just like you.

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