Bus Riders Blog

On my way home. Bus riders blog

Same wonderful driver, Debbie R for greyhound. Talking the whole way. Coquihalla highway is closed so detour to Spences Bridge, back roads to Vancouver. Beautiful sunshine, mostly drive or snow packed roads.

An old bridge in the distance about two kilometres outside Vancouver. Scenic and rustic, I can see in rear view mirror.

We have talked about my new proposed career as a Greyhound bus driver and travel, domestic and exotic. Fast friends. We are talking about Italy, and great destinations, life, relationships, dreams. What an amazing gift.

I can’t say enough about this woman’s positivity and attitude toward customer service, as well as being a genuinely warm and intelligent person. Like a gem that was overlooked, but so precious. She has totally changed my view of driving bus, and even being a passenger. Now I know how pleasant a bus ride can be. The books I was going to listen to have to wait.

We are in Hope, Bc now, and I will try to save this note to the blog. Thanks Debbie R and all my friends and fellow travellers on life’s highways!

Be safe, take care and always strive to be kinder.

Love Pamela

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