Livorno to Lucca

19 Livorno to Lucca

We are still docked in Livorno today, having overnighted last night and today heading back out to the trains. We already purchased our tickets and this is a place I have not been to before so exciting. Train travel from Livorno through Pisa to Lucca.

Up for breakfast in buffet with Barb and Anne and we are on our way. Again a taxi to the train station as it is quite far. We did it yesterday and it seemed good to share the expenses.

Sky is beautiful blue. The sea reflects the color and calm. The sun is sparkling off the water and brings promise of another forty degree day Celsius. It has been hot here. Evenings on the water cool down a bit, day time is hot hot hot.

We make frequent stops for beverages, bit of food, gelato, water and use of toilettes.

Fields of sunflowers and lavender out our train window as we head to Lucca. There is a Pam grocery store, and Pam is on many sewer covers in Europe. Hmmmm

The farming lush Tuscany valley is so beautiful. Some stone walled areas, like maybe once for protection like fortress? San Giuliano Terme statione is where we are while I am typing this note.

Next Rigoli station. Corn, wheat, and other crops can be seen. Dressed in white again to keep a comfortable as possible in the heat.

Ripafratta another statione. I love Italian words and accent although a bit more aggressive sounding when spoken quickly. Most accents delight me. When people speak English with a strong accent, I enjoy the sounds.

Red tile roofs sloping and glowing in the sun catch my eye. Buildings new and old seem to be in the same style and color type. Nicer apartment buildings as we near Lucca, more modern and some quite new but with the old country style.

Lucca is a wonderful old walled city and I took many pictures. We found another gluten free pizza place so I had one. It was great to be able to participate in Italian cuisine! Had some Chianti and bubbly water. We walked lots and shopped a little. Took train return to Livorno.

Back on ship for some pool time and then out for drinks and dinner with some travel agent friends. Breathtaking sunset over the sea, peaches and orange. The service was outstanding at dinner. Tomorrow night lobster again, twice on this 7 day cruise.

Good night all,

Love Pam

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