Elba, last day of cruise

20 Elba, last full day of cruise

Tonight we will have to pack up so today there is still great adventures to be had. We are doing last minute laundry items in preparation for packing, and there are line ups for same.

We just pulled in to port and the fog from the sea has lifted to another beautiful sunny blue sky day. The port is lovely and no other ships dock here. Our ship is small enough to pull right in to port. I don’t know much about this island and I have never been before. It is picturesque with colourful buildings around the u shaped port. We won’t do a tour but will go ashore and explore for a few hours. This afternoon some time to enjoy the sun, and pool area, followed by packing up of the items that are dry from laundry day and then last night dinner meal and the show tonight. Bags out for 11 pm and off to Rome tomorrow. Later we decide to keep our bags and wheel them off in the morning making packing stress disappear. Also laundry has more time to hang dry around the room.

Our friends have arranged a private shuttle to their hotel in Rome and invited us to share it including costs. It will be a great way to get to Rome, store our luggage in their hotel for the day, then maybe do a hop on hop off bus to see the sights in a more leisurely fashion. I want to toss coins in to Trevi fountain and then spend some time on Spanish steps before heading to the airport.

I am enjoying this quiet time in the laundry to catch up a bit on this blog. When traveling with others it can be challenging to keep up with personal routines involving blogging and personal writing. I have kept up a bit of posting of pictures on my Facebook.

Beautiful, wish you were here,


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