Jaffa and TelAviv

Jaffa today

Mom and I had a half day tour through Jaffa (old town) and drive through TelAviv (means old and new at same time). The tour guide was fabulous. Www.Hiyaguide.com I think she said to learn more about her work. She is part of the system that certifies other tour guides. Apparently it is a very specific business and all must be certified and show their cards to authorities when asked. She was asked by local authorities today and wore her certification around her neck for easy recognition. We were group number 18 and a relatively small group of 16 people.

We parked and wandered through some very old buildings down in the centre of this ancient place. I took some pics. Jewellery shops like museums, selling tiny silver broaches with scroll replicas inside. Several of our passengers were interested in these and other items and had done some research previously obviously. Also jewellery made of Roman glass (similar to our sea glass). Very pretty and unique settings.

We had an authentic lunch and they accommodated my food issues with falafel and pickled salad, and French fried potatoes. I ate most of the food and the pickles were the best ever. Sheena would have loved the pickles, too.

Took some pictures of the very old area and learned about the many many times Israel changed authorities over the ages. So interesting and such a very old history. Rich in spiritual and physical era descriptions of how it altered the lives of the people in this land.

We saw Topal from fiddler on the roof … Walking down the street today in Jaffa! Then moments later the ex president of Israel with his bodyguards. Our tour guide pointed pointed them out … It looked like the ex president was going in to McDonalds for a burger but he slipped in to the next door instead. All so exciting. Steve would have loved seeing famous people I think.

We went to the SeaMall in Ashdod and found a great shop for ladies, I looked at the labels and everything in the store was made in Canada. Www.lacecanada.com or .ca. Company is based in Montreal we are told. Must google them when I get home but what comfort it was to see the made in Canada labels. Lovely. We also went by some spectacular beaches on the way there and back.

In Jaffa I purchased some postcards and a round disc with good luck phrases in Israeli language to add to my chains around my neck. I fell in love with it and can feel the good energy. Maybe someday I will remember the phrases or find them when I google.

Tomorrow Haifa and Azamazing evening.

Love Pamela

Wish you were here.

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