Azamazing Evening

Azamazing Evening

Now, even days later, the fresh memories fill my senses from the Azamazing Evening event put on by Azamara Club Cruises for our particular voyage. What a treat to be part of this. The first one for Azamara Journey and the first one in Haifa.

Such great effort brings such spectacular world class results. The food fills the air with smells that the mouth can almost taste just on the breeze. The lights, some fire torches, some flood lights in gold highlighting ancient rock openings for walking through to the magic. Guests commenting to one another, in delight at the discoveries of yet more details.

Every single sparkle of the night, the sounds of the orchestra and the gals whose vocals filled the night with sounds that brought thundering applause and several standing ovations. Encore, encore.

Dancing and joyous sounds of glee and delight as folks experienced fun and freedom in Israel this special evening.

I have added Azamara to my favourites list for cruising just so I can experience this priceless, bespoke, authentic and exclusive night experience offered only by this creative expertise offered by Land Discoveries department.

When we got to our stateroom after the event, there was a package of Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts and Mineral Hand Cream. How many people get gifts from attending such an event, priceless and complimentary? I know the guests from Azamara Club Cruises do!

I can’t wait to return for my next Azamazing evening this July!

Wish you were here,


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