Sea day in med

Sea day in the Med

I have two hours with Seminar at Sea commencing 830 am. So up early and dressed in business casual clothes. The sea is a bit rocky and we have not seen the sun yet this morning. This promises to be a day for reading and checking out the ship.

Mom and I are going to check out the breakfast buffet and then after my seminar, we will partake in the brunch served in the dining room. The day may centre around food! Well, that is cruising! And of course enrichment seminar on the history of Israel ( where we will be tomorrow) and for two days.

At 330 is the future cruise presentation. And we typically eat again around 630 ish and then join for the entertainment later in the evening. A nice rhythm for this cruise. Only one sea day so it will be nice to relax some and enjoy the sun when it burns through.

Lovely day, wish you were here!

Love Pamela

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