Chania Crete

Kalimera from Crete

Not sure what day it is, second full day of cruise. We are stopped outside this lovely place and tendering in to town today. Last year I was here with Steve, Marilyn and Alex. We wandered through town and bought some olive oil soaps. It was my last port of call before Rome and coming home.

This time, it feels like our holiday has just begun. Walking, chatting, being. We have really enjoyed all our dinner partners and also having room service each morning, eating on the veranda as we watch the entry in to a new port.

There are beaches here however we probably won’t search for them. Just walking and exploring the local fare.

Later: returned from an awesome day in Chania. Wow! Such friendly service, not pushy and with exquisite Greek designer clothes and jewellery. I thoroughly enjoyed Chania as much this time than last year.

We walked along the sea wall, then ventured inland on small uncrowded streets. Sure there were tourist shops that we avoided, and a market that seems to go on forever and then there were delightful clothing stores with spectacular outfits, designer brand names I recognized from my previous visit.

I picked up a few things and still wishing I had picked up more. Light airy, flattering and flowy. Just the way I like it. No bottoms, and I even found a sale rack with 50% off for some great linen and cotton things that just can’t be found where we live.

I see yellow and black / white combinations, some bright coral to orange and vibrant blues seem to be colours du jour. my mom spied an awesome ring for my long fingers, the sign of circle of live /infinity.

We had tendered in and then the ship relocated to a port and we all took the city bus to join the ship at the pier. Up to our room to enjoy the time together and talking about our day.

Dinner of surf and turf. Filet mignon and lobster tail with a great sauce. I also ordered steamed veggies. Shrimp cocktail every night and fabulous soups.

The wine is bottomless but apparently we are not. At one point I had 5 or 6 beverages in front of me. Drinks as well as wine are complimentary on this cruise, however we have yet to enjoy any spirits (yet). The cruise is young and our first and only sea day is tomorrow so perhaps a happy hour may be on the horizon. The red tonight was called the Crusher, I think, merlot. The whites have been great as well, mostly Chardonnay.

Hotter each day and tonight we have howling winds on the seas.

Time to call it a night. I have completed the quick feedback survey and give Azamara an easy 8 out of 10. Looking for a ten before disembarkation.

Heading now to Israel, then Cyprus before we head back to more Greece. I will pick up more postcards for the grandsons.

Good night my peeps, and loving family. Sleep well where you are, and wish you were here.

Love Pamela

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