Zurich, Switzerland

In Zurich at the airport

A few hour wait here is a delight. 6 am we arrive and lots of duty free and other stores open for our wandering pleasure. I find some stickers for my checked suitcase and a few postcards suitable to send grandsons. The last lost art of mailing postcards!

The flight from Montreal to Zurich was packed. We were one row back from bulkhead seats and beside a seat with leg room. I was loving just being close to leg room …. And said that out loud. A lovely (in every way) woman says to me, in a charming accent (turns out she lives in Athens Greece) would I like to sit there because she likes to sit with her feet up and can’t on the end. Wow. I call her saint Mary. I really enjoyed the flight and stretched right out, could see in to business class. We flew SwissAir and this was my first time.

No food choices worked for me, but I ate the cheese and salad, drank water and wine and sat back. We saw a sun set which was lovely but the sight that took my breath away was the vibrant colours of the morning sunrise as we flew over southern England. Very deep dark red to light bright blue and violet.

Getting ready to board now to Athens. I believe we have emergency exit rows for the few hour leg. We have been playing cards and drinking water. Ready for the next adventure.

Wish you were here.

Love Pam

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