Athens, Sofitel

Athens Sofitel

No sleep, no food (although some evidence of spillage on clothes), fluid retention and exhaustion. Yup, here we are in Athens. We arrive at the airport arrivals and I see the pastel coloured fuzzy elastics attached to the wheels of my mom’s suitcase and almost squeal with delight and relief. Our luggage has made it to our destination!

My bag arrives only seconds later, with stickers from England and New York from my last cruise adventure in January.

We find a cart. On our way to the Airport Information kiosk I see out an automatic door …. Our hotel. Right there! A bit of rain is falling so we take some time to put on our jackets that we are otherwise carrying. We walk over the road in just a matter of a minute.

Greeted with service, smiles, class and grace, our luggage leaves our arms to be wheeled around by some body who gets paid handsomely, we hope, to make guests feel pampered. We have been upgraded they say … And up the elevator to our lovely room. Wood accents, white linen …. Big shower room … closet space …. We have arrived.

A wee nap, just an hour or two to catch our breath after I wander back to the airport to purchase bottled water. Showers, clothes changed, drink more water, take vitamins and apply lotions and creams.

Dressed for downstairs dinner of Greek something. I am craving the crisp veggie Greek salad and perhaps a glass or two of white local wine, off dry.

We make the choice to eat at the bar / lounge instead of the fancier restaurant. We are greeted by well dressed folk in long black aprons and hair up nicely.

Did I mention how nice people dress in Europe? Out of ten, Americans and Canadians are about a 3. As soon as we are in a foreign airport the rating up to about a 7 for slim, well dressed, fashionable, including both men and women, to travel. Shoes, bags, dressy clothes and accessories. Wait staff are about an 8 out of ten, never disappointing.

This wait staff is no exception. I love Europe for the sense of style. It speaks of caring for oneself and always looking my best. I feel like a tourist after two days in the same duds. Oh well, about to change that as of tonight and tomorrow. Still a tourist but time to feel great about myself and my sense of visiting this rich country. Dressing in a complimentary style to a famous designer internationally renowned. I want to stand out … By fitting it, in a very classy way.

We lost Mary somewhere in the baggage shuffle. I wonder if we will see her again? I will remember her kindness.

Time now to relax and sleep soundly after our lovely meal of authentic Greek salad, a cheese plate and those fabulous olives. We each ordered a glass of local white wine and they poured another compliments of the house. Yippee.

Feeling no pain and ready to sleep, I will forward this blog written on my iPad and with my complimentary Internet.

Love this hotel, love my life!


2 comments on “Athens, Sofitel

  1. Lori Wheeler says:

    Fabulous!!! So happy you and your Mom have arrived in Athens! Are you visiting the Acropolis tomorrow before you sail off with Azamara, lucky duck!! Waiting anxiously for your blog after you board the ship! Cheers! xo

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