Welcome to the next chapter

Greek adventure pre blog

Hi everyone, so sorry I have neglected you.

It is 549 am on 10 May and I am at departure gate 2 in yyj Victoria airport. On my way to my next great travel adventure. Remembering Mothers Days from my past and anticipating this upcoming one.

I have to take a minute and applaud Westjet. The Captain stopped, took a few minutes, crouched down to speak to a very little boy. He introduced himself with a big welcoming smile. It was like out of a movie only I witnessed it in real life. Wow!

Going through security brings on anxiety. Some people, I have discovered, don’t do well with their anxiety! It causes them to not play well with others. I have to wonder how hard it must be for airport security to stay positive fresh and upbeat for an eight hour shift. Wow. People can really complain. I make a point to be grateful for security. To be grateful that my jewellery does not set off the alarm, grateful I have remembered my passport. Grateful I live in this country and get to travel freely around the world.

This blog and travel session will have overtones of mindfulness. Not really wanting anything to be different, witnessing what is. Can I be with it? Can I be present to my life over the next few weeks? Can my presence bring some kind of peace to my fellow travellers ?

Be with me now, hold me accountable and enjoy the ride. I am heading out on this Mothers Day weekend first to Halifax to see my mom. I reflect on how long it has been since I have been in her presence. Since we did that drive across the country a while back, the longest we have ever been apart in my 55 years. I am looking forward to being present with her and embracing our precious vacation.

The itinerary will unfold … Fly to Athens Greece. Spend a few days exploring little Greek islands. Then a fabulous luxury cruise aboard the Azamara Journey for 10 nights, back to Athens, back to Halifax and then home.

Thanks for joining me … I encourage and look forward to your comments.

Much love to all,


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