Intro to financial invincibility

Financial Invincibility

Going from fear of your finances to financial invincibility does not need to be an impossible journey. Whether it is $500 dollars a month or $5 million dollars plus, let us walk together to reach your financial goal.

This book (the book I am writing) is for women. Of course you can share the lessons and conversations with your partner, but many of you won’t. As you know, many women feel like they are held hostage by their fear. They may feel that money is the reason to stay, or lack of money is a key stumbling block in feeling successful. Some women even feel shame for wanting to be financially free.

The ceiling is off. There was never a limit on freedom for women, except as we tell ourselves every day in our self talk. None of us are alone; many have lifted the ceiling and cleared the way for women internationally to hold the top business and influential positions around the world. More on that in the next book! (yup, there will be a sequel).

I invite you to be in book three, telling your story!

This first book is a compilation of the steps it takes, the mindset shifts and actions that will bring you to your goals, guaranteed. Are you a single woman living on a solo income? How about a married woman feeling like you want to make a contribution to the world? Or, like me, an international traveler to the soul, and finding a way to live travel dreams is what you most desire? Are you a professional woman making it in the company you work for, wondering how you will make your own fortune? Are you struggling to make the payments each month? Are you wanting to have enough investments to live off the interest? What is your story?

I want to hear it and I want to include you in this book. I want to help you become the leading lady in your life and the author of your story of financial invincibility.

Get in touch with me at and let’s get started.

Ps. Book to be launched later this year, tell all your friends and family.

2 comments on “Intro to financial invincibility

  1. Pooyan says:

    Wow Pamela, your energy is high. I pray for your success and increased blessings.

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